Learn about the impressive features of SIAC platform.

A Casino Management Platform with powerful features, simplicity of use, and adaptability.



The key Accounting Management tool of SIAC System.

A series of reports will be obtained with the information obtained from the Machines (EGM).

You can obtain several reports of control of meters, events, utility, statistics, monitoring, alerts, etc.

The @Control module will be able to carry out the following operations:

  • Settings.
  • Monitoring.
  • Real time revenue calculation.
  • Statistical reports.
  • Obtaining extended counters by game and denomination.
  • Self Generation reports to an email box.



We know the potential and benefits that the @Cashless system brings to the operation.

Reduce significantly the use of bill acceptors and lowering operating costs. At the same time it allows to obtain the status of players.

Main Features:

Electronic money transfer using AFT.

Real-time monitoring.

Customer tracking.

Statistical reports.

@Client Point


Self Multimedia ATM

Modern and robust metal cabinet, friendly touch interface. It allows the client to register with the players’ club autonomously, entering their data, validating by SMS or email and subsequent printing and recording of their magnetic card.

  • Consultation and exchange of prizes.
  • Autonomous operation            
  • Autonomous operationNotice of internal events (lack of supplies, errors, etc.) by email.
  • Customer registration and card generation.
  • Redemption of prizes.
  • Printing of giveaway coupons.
  • TITO tickets Issuance.



Player Tracking

Customer interface, it is installed in each loyal or cashless machine.
It has a high quality card reader and 5″ Touchscreen display for the best gaming experience for your customers.
It allows to show focused advertising by machines or player level.

  • High resolution and brightness 5-inch display
  • multi-point capacitive touch screen with vandal protection
  • Mouthpiece with smart lighting (status, player level, etc)
  • Complimentary USB charger


Casino Online

Online Casino Platform

It is a complete solution to manage your Online Casino business. All possible betting offers, integrated into a single electronic wallet for Online and Lanbased business. The platform allows easy integration with third parties through a common API.

Offers a comprehensive and varied content portfolio

Slots Games
Virtual sports
LIVE Sports Betting
Live Casino Streaming
Capture of Bets and Quinielas


Player Tracking Fidelización

The @PYT module is a comprehensive client management tool. We know the potential and benefits of having a club of players associated with the operation, optimizing resources at the same time allows us to know and retain them.

We provide the casino with the possibility of publishing an APP (Apple and Play Store) so that its clients can consult their status, receive notifications and news managed by the room.

Monitoring and follow-up of clients.

Customer reports.

Statistical reports and HOT clients.

Reward coupons printing.

Exchange of prizes.

Manage different levels of clients.

Mobile application for clients.


Accounting Apps

Powerful mobile application (available in AppStore and Playstore) that complements @Control

Let you monitor much of the system information from the palm of your hand.

  • Push notifications of relevant events.            
  • Slot floor status            
  • Detailed reports and intuitive graphics.            
  • Interactive layouts.            
  • Real-time audits.            



Aplicaciones Mobile para IOS y Android

@Social Distancing

The social distance module is specially designed to keep 100% of the room park active and at the same time ensuring the required social distance.

It disables the adjacent machines when it detects use.        

Reduces costs by not requiring to modify the layout of the room        

100% of slot floor.        

@Cashbox Mobile

This Mobile application allows the operation of mobile boxes within the room.

Keep all the security and flexibility of @cashbox. The relevant ones of the application are:

  • TITO tickets Sale and Payment.
  • Manual Payout
  • Cashless Sale and Payments

@Tables Control

Table Games

This is an integrating tool, streamlining operating processes and information for all table games.

  • Tables status in real time.
  • Score of tables.
  • Predictive Fill & Credit at closing.
  • Croupiers Login, tracking and statistics.
  • Reports broken down by type and tables.
  • Control of banks and chip treasures.
  • Tables Drop.
  • Loading of tips.
  • Dynamic reports.

@ Access Mobile


The SIAC module – @ACCESS CONTROL, is a tool of the SIAC system family, it allows registering clients and measuring their access and egress, the main characteristics are:

  • Registration of clients through DNI Scan
  • Customer validation by sms or mail in real time.
  • Readers of income, expenses with management of locks or barriers.
  • RFID cards, gives a longer useful life compared to magnetic ones.
  • Configuration of type of clients with MOBILE alerts of income or expenses of VIP clients.
  • Access reports by day, permanence and doors or barriers used.
  • Campaigns and promotions for registered customers by SMS or mail.

@WAP Wild Jackpot


The @WAP module is a great tool to generate mystery raffles on the machines connected within the operation. It allows to add an additional attraction in the game room or machines that participate in the draw.

  • WAP Progresives between casinos
  • Parameterization percentages and reward levels.
  • Flexibility in digital signages.
  • Integration with the sound of the hall for the different celebrations.
  • Statistical reports.



The @CASHBOX module is a powerful web application for cashier line operation.

All operations performed by each user are recorded, respecting all the settings for each user profile and limits established for them.

The relevant features are:

  • Supports multi-platform terminal..
  • Automatic adaptation to the different screen resolutions that the different terminals have.
  • Users will only see the options assigned in their profile.
  • Friendly interface.
  • Forms and notifications colors are designed to easy recognition for CCTV system and quick focus.
  • Real-time control of the cash situation status.



Ticket In – Ticket Out – Promo -tickets.

The @TITO module is an integral part of the SIAC system. The simplicity and benefits that the @TITO system brings to the operation, sensibly optimizing the client’s time in the room.

Main Features:

  • Issuance of ticket per box
  • Possibility of using promotional tickets.
  • Promotional campaigns.
  • Ticket tracking.
  • Statistical reports.



Is a key important tool of SIAC System. It provides you Real Time Info from the slot floor coming directly from the machines.

Main Features:

  • Machines with credits. If you have player tracking customers playing with customer information.
  • State of machines. Once each of the machines is represented graphically, displays layout status.
  • List of machines by state. Obtain the counters of the moment of all the machines of the room.
  • Real timea Audits.